Variety Box

Each month we will put together a variety of our favorite single-serving meals and snacks.  Spend less time meal planning, we've done it for you and more time adventuring!

This is a great way for you to try us out for the first time or try out a variety of our backpacking meals. Includes up to 5 Ultra lightweight freeze dried meals or snacks that are packed in resealable heat and eat pouch with no clean up needed. Some require water and some can be eaten right out of the bag, no rehydration necessary. Bring along your long handled spork to get into all the corners when eating our meals.

For the month of August we put together a Breakfast box filled with all our favorite best selling breakfast items. We are even offering a little savings when you purchase our variety box.

  • 10% off the total cost if purchased separately 
  • Single serving meals & snacks



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