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Bundle Deal

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Our bundle deals all this weekend is our Breakfast Combo. Get $5.00 off our combination of Premium Backpacking Breakfast meals. Enter BundleDeal at check out for $5.00 off.  

Take this bundle deal on any adventure. Whether it’s a day hike or a trek up the mountains, hunting in the back country or an arduous thru-hike we have a variety of meals & snacks you can take with you anywhere.

Our freeze dried meals deliver the taste you can expect on all your adventures and most have a ten year shelf life so you can keep them on hand for when you are ready to get outdoors.

Ultra lightweight and packed in resealable pouches with no clean up. Spend less time planning your hiking meals we've done it for you and spend more time in the back country. Plan your adventure we got your meals done and ready to go where you do!

Our bundle deal gives you 4 pouches of our heat n eat meals needed to keep you warm and the calories to keep going for hours on the trail and we even save you a five bucks!

Inside our bundle deal you'll get:

  1. Freeze Dried Homemade Granola (yum)
  2. Freeze Dried Tropical Buckwheat Breakfast (filling, with coconut and mangos)
  3. Freeze Dried Sweet Belgian Waffles (just open and eat or dunk in our instant coffees)
  4. Freeze Dried Oats, Nuts, and Seeds with Blueberries or Apples (better than oatmeal goodness)

* for nutrition label and ingredients see the individual products            


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