Freeze Dried Bundle of Spicy Meals -
Freeze Dried Bundle of Spicy Meals -
Freeze Dried Bundle of Spicy Meals -
Freeze Dried Bundle of Spicy Meals -

Freeze Dried Bundle of Spicy Meals

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Every month we put together a different Variety Box of our best homemade meals and snacks with real ingredients for you to take on your adventures. Whether it’s a day hike or a trek up the mountains or hunting in the back country we have a variety you can take with you anywhere.

Our Variety box for month of January features a bundle of meals or snacks of our choosing, a different one every week. This week is our Bundle of Spicy Meals and we have kicked it up a notch by including hot sauces you can add to them to make it spicy hot. We’re including our Freeze Dried Tex Mex Chili, our Freeze Dried Spicy Beef with Butternut Squash and our Freeze Dried Smoked Pork and Salsa with Black Beans. 

Our meals are homemade with real ingredients that you will be able to taste. They are not laden with chemicals, preservatives or salt. Our premium meals deliver the taste you can expect on all your adventures and a some spicy sauces you can choose to add. 

This is a great way for you to try out our meals for the first time to take with you on your next adventure.

We have bundled these up and it includes hot sauces for $25. With  $5.99 shipping rate. Sorry no other discounts apply on this product.

Ultra lightweight and packed in resealable pouches with no clean up just add hot water to rehydrate. Spend less time meal planning, we've done it for you and more time in the backcountry!

Our pick for this month's box is a bundle of 3 pouches of our best trailfood that will give you the energy needed to keep you going. Perfect for those who like a little heat with their meals!

Inside this Weeks Bundle of Meals you'll get:

  1. Freeze Dried Tex Mex Chili and a packet of Texas Pete hot sauce
  2. Freeze Dried Hamburger Skillet with a packet of Tapatio hot sauce
  3. Freeze Dried Smoked Pork & Salsa and Beans with a packet of Cholula hot sauce



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