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Variety Box

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We've put together a mix of our freeze dried food that includes our favorite single-serving meals and snacks.

Each month we put together a different variety of meals and snacks for you to take on your adventures.  Perfect for a weekend getaway just grab and go.

This is a great way for you to try us out for the first time or for a quick weekend trip. Ultra lightweight and packed in resealable heat and eat pouches with no clean up necessary.

  • Pack a long handled spork it's perfect to get in the corners
  • We even save you a few dollars 
  • Single serving meals & snacks

Spend less time meal planning, we've done it for you and more time outdoors.

This month is our Variety box is a Breakfast Box, it's filled with 5 pouches of our favorite breakfast food.

You'll get:

1. Gluten Free Muesli with GF oats nuts and fruit, eat hot or cold just add water

2. 7 Grain Porridge with Bacon & Honey just add boiling water

3.  Fiesta Ham & Egg Scramble, real eggs, cream, veggies and smoked ham that rehyrdrates easily and retains all it's flavor. Toss the Cheddar cheese on top for a hearty breakfast.

4.  Strawberry Yogurt Drops real strawberries and yogurt eat as a snack or add to your oatmeal. Crunchy creamy taste with a burst of strawberries.

5. Oats, Nuts & Seeds with Wild Blueberries- tasty breakfast cereal just add boiling water.

*some items may differ depending on availability