Freeze Dried Tex Mex Chili -
Freeze Dried Tex Mex Chili

Freeze Dried Tex Mex Chili

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Chili that is incredibly hearty and has some kick. Its perfect on the trail & what we love for fall and winter or to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. Seasoned with our chili mix, chunks of tomatoes and pinto beans it's the reward after a long hike. This chili has been slow cooked to perfection to let the flavors and spices meld. The Mexican cheese will melt into the chili and makes it taste even better. Add buttermilk biscuits to this dish as an add on, it goes great with this meal.

To prepare: Remove oxygen absorber. Add 1 cup of hot water to bag, mix well. Reseal bag and let sit for 6 minutes. Mix food, reseal and let sit for 3 minutes while the cheese melts into the chili and enjoy right out of the bag.

Contains: wheat, soy, coconut 

Serving size: 4 oz (single serving)

Ingredients: ground hamburger, chili mix, tomatoes, pinto beans, cumin, coconut palm sugar, onion flakes, mexican cheese.

Nutrition Facts

Servings: 1 Pouch (113g)

Calories 400      % Daily Value

Total Fat 16.3g 21% Saturated Fat 6.3g 31% Trans Fat 0.9g

Cholesterol 83mg 30%

Sodium 112mg 48%

Potassium 715mg 15%

Total Carb 31.5g 10% Dietary Fiber 8.8g 31% Sugars 7.9g

Protein 32.7g

Vitamin A 53% · Vitamin C 42% Calcium 10% · Iron 30%