About Outdoor Pantry

Debbie Cyros, Founder, Outdoor PantryWe are a premiere online food company that makes freeze dried meals and snacks for those that love the outdoors. We are a small company based out of Arizona that makes homemade meals and snacks you will love to eat on the trail. We use quality ingredients you will be able to taste and hand pack and hand label each bag of food that you can take to enjoy on the trail or in the back country. We believe you should eat the same great food outdoors as you do at home, and we are sure you’ll be able to taste the difference.

This idea formulated in 2015 when I left corporate America after 39 years and 2 successful start ups. We sold our home in California packed up our belongings and headed out in our RV.  As we traveled to all these beautiful places, I became passionate about hiking and backpacking and covered thousands of miles, hiking all over the North and South West US.

I knew nutrition was important being in the fitness industry for years and to keep up the stamina needed, as I started hiking longer distances.  I didn't find a lot of variety or healthy food options that had flavor or weren't laden with salt & preservatives, so I started making my own backpacking recipes to take on the trail. When I backpacked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016, I prepared most of my meals and snacks, a lot of them are on our website. Right after this hike, I decided to open my own company and offer other outdoor enthusiasts better food options when outdoors.

We are known for our variety of hand crafted great tasting homemade meals and quality trail food packaged in our convenient, lightweight, re-sealable heat n eat mylar bag that is heat sealed with an oxygen absorber to keep our food fresh for up to 10 years!  You can take with you to use at the office, home, RV, dorm, camping, hunting or when traveling. Because of the long shelf life and convenient packaging they are also perfect as part of your emergency disaster food plan.

We chose the freeze dry process and use state of the art freeze driers and technology to freeze dry all our food. You get the benefit of food that keeps 97% of its nutrients during the freeze dried process, preserves flavor, color, taste, texture and shape. Without water and oxygen to spoil the food it can last up to 10 years, when stored properly.

We offer fully cooked freeze dried meals and snacks that can be taken anywhere and makes great trail food. Just add hot water to the pouch and eat. The freeze dry process uses less water which is important when out in the back country. No clean up required and we did all the work to provide a convenient healthy meal, perfect for any outdoor activity. Once re-hydrated you are ready to eat and some of our meals and snacks require no re-hydration.

Although packaged for an extremely long shelf life in an impermeable resealable USDA/FDA approved Mylar bag with an food grade oxygen absorber providing an unopened shelf life measured in years, our healthy line of wholesome and minimally processed foods are designed to be carried in your backpack but are tasty enough for every day use.

You'll find homemade flavors in our meal packs using natural, organic ingredients whenever possible. You'll also find some unique desserts for all your sweet tooth cravings.

We are excited to be able to provide real meat and fresh ingredients in our meals and snacks to adventurers like you.

Not just for the outdoors anymore; you can now have a nutritious, healthy and great tasting snacks or meals anywhere or anytime, all without the need for refrigeration or having to carry a heavy cooler around with ice. 

Take some along to fuel your next adventure!

Happy trails,

Debbie Cyros 

Founder of OutdoorPantry, Inc.